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Dear To whom it may concern


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Good evening. I am seeming to have difficulty obtaining my free unlock sim code for my pantech breeze 3. IMEI # follows as: 013749000663879. I am receiving an error code saying "sorry can not submit this order. This IP address reaches is to limited." If someone can please assist me with this free sim unlock code that would be greatly appreciated as per your advertisement states.


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Dear Angelo,

Congratulations. Your unlock code has been successfully calculated as given below. Please be sure to give us a 5 star rating on our Google Play Store Listing (Free SIM Unlock)
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IMEI No. : 013749000663879
Unlock Code : 26930227

* To view the Unlocking Instructions and know how to enter unlock code, please visit our "KNOWLEDGEBASE" or follow this link:
Unlocking Instructions
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