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I need my refund

Hi, I received the unlock code but is not working. I have an LG V30 from T-Mobile and I change my sim to an ATT sim but is not asking to enter a code that is supposed to. Then I mark the 3 other options you send me, this with my sim card and it says USSD running, then appear a message: invalid MMI or network problem. Any idea how can I enter the code?
I RECIEVED what was supposed to be my unlock code but I don't see the code and nothing works for my Verizon network LG k8v. Please tell me what supposed to be code or I need a refund

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you place order under check imei service this service not for unlock code, you already use the service its only for info about phone .there is no refund in this service. if you want to unlock then please first tell us when you insert new sim in your phone is your phone ask to enter unlock code


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So I paid the first price ($1.99) then I paid the second price ($7.99) what’s next signing over body parts?
Thanks for Contacting us,

Can you please provide your IMEI No.? By Dialing *#06# on your Dial Pad, then we can tell you exactly.