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When will I get my phone unlocked?


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Hello, more than a day has passed and still no unlock and no answer from you yet it says 30-60 min unlock phone for 25 dollars... Will I get my phone unlocked or at least some feedback that it is in proccess? If you cant unlock it then refund me. Samsung Galaxy S6 pm me for IMEI.


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IMEI: 359845069989536

I bought an unlock on mar. 20 at 20:34 from your mobile android app Free SIM Unlock on my Samsung Galaxy S6.
Did you ever receive your unlock code? I've seen multiple instances of this with this company. I'm starting to wonder if it's even real. I ordered one myself earlier today and I'm still waiting on an unlock code. They guaranteed an unlock code within 5-30 minutes...smh


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I have paid on September 28 for unlocking the Galaxy S8 + IMEI 351558092149287 email [email protected].
I have not received any code or refund.
I have chatted with the staff 3 times, they promised me to refund within 48 hours, and the second time within 12 hours, and last time they said I'll get a refund on the same day but nothing happens.

I have not received a code or refund.
I want my money back.


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Any info?
you order was failed to unlock under normal service we have premium service but for premium service you need to pay 14$ because premium service cost 34.99$ so if you agree then we will send you payment link of 14$.

Waiting for your response