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This service checks current status of your device IMEI. It will NOT unlock your device nor does it track location of lost/stolen device.


  • What is IMEI?

    IMEI, International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique number used to identify iDEN, GSM, WCDMA, and 3GPP mobile phones, and also some satellite phones. A phone majorly has an IMEI number; however, dual SIM phones have two IMEI numbers.
    The IMEI is specifically used to identify the device and does not have any semi-permanent or permanent relationship with the subscriber. GSM networks use the number to identify devices that are valid. The number can, therefore, be used to prevent a stolen phone from having access to the network in that country.

  • IMEI Number Structure

    IMEI numbers come either in a 15-digit or 17-digit strings of numbers. The IMEI format currently being in use is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D:
    AA: These digits belong to the Reporting Body Identifier, which indicates the GSMA-approved group that issued the Type Allocation Code (TAC).
    BBBBBB: This is the remaining part of the TAC (FAC)
    CCCCCC: This is the model's Serial sequence (SNR)
    D: This serves as the Luhn check digit of the entire model. It is an algorithm which validates the ID number (CD).

  • You can check IMEI of your phone using any of the following ways:

    1. By dialing *#06# on your phone's call screen. It is also available in your phone's settings.
    2. It could be printed either underneath your tablet's battery or at the back of your tablet. You can also locate it in the setting option of your tablet.
    3. It could also be printed on your Mobile Broadband dashboard or inside your dongle.
    4. It could be engraved on the compartment of your MiFi's battery.
    5. In some iPhones, IMEI number could be made available on the SIM card tray. If it is a CDMA network, a MEID number is also present.

  • How to check IMEI on Motorola IDEN Phones

    • Press [#] [*] [menu][right arrow] on the dialing screen and confirm.
    • Scroll down to the section with "IMEI / SIM ID" (if your phone is with a SIM card) and press Enter. The 14-digit phone's IMEI is made available afterward. For the full 15-digit number, include 0 at the end of the digit.
    • If your phone is without a SIM card, continue pressing the [right arrow] key until "IMEI [0]" pops up. The screen will show the first seven digits, scroll down to see another seven digits. For the full 15-digit number, include 0 at the end of the digit.

  • Benefits of using an IMEI service

    • IMEI checker provides about 99.9% accuracy on the status of the phone, whether it is lost, stolen or has been blacklisted.
    • It supports all countries and mobile operators (UK, USA, Japan, Canada, the European Union, China, Australia, etc.)
    • It also supports all phone models and manufacturers. You can check any IMEI - iPhone / Lenovo / Nokia / Samsung / HTC / LG / Huawei, etc.

    Note that you can file a claim as regards missing or stolen phone. You can report such a case using some free online IMEI reporting facilities to place the missing or lost phone's IMEI number on IMEI-pro extensive blacklist database. This increases the chances of such a lost device to be identified and returned through the use of an IMEI checker service.

  • What are the results of the Check IMEI Service?

    There are many different services for which you can check your IMEI for. Examples of results can be seen by clicking the "?" button on order page. This will give you a sample report of the type of results you can expect when ordering a service. A few examples of popular services are posted here:

  • How to order Check IMEI Service?

    1. Select the type of device for which you want the IMEI Checker Service to provide details for, from this page: Check IMEI Service
    Device type are differentiated by all Android or iPhone
    2. Select the check IMEI service for the manufacturer type that you need information for:

    IMEI service for the manufacturer

    3. Price and Delivery Time will be automatically displayed based on your selections
    4. Type in *#06# to get the IMEI number of the device
    5. Type in the eMail address where you would like the report delivered
    6. NOTE: Check IMEI Service App is also available for Android devices on Google PlayStore here:
    Here you will see that some of the popular IMEI Check Services are available for free as well an the IMEI number is auto-populated from your mobile device. This will reduce typing errors when inputting your 15 digit IMEI number.
    7. Keep in mind that Check IMEI Service only check status of your IMEI. It does NOT unlock your SIM or IMEI from your current network.

    Check IMEI Service sample report for Samsung:

    Check IMEI Service sample report for Samsung

    Check IMEI Service Sample report for Nokia/Microsoft:

    Check IMEI Service sample report for Nokia

    Check IMEI Service Sample report for Sony(Xperia):

    Check IMEI Service sample report for Sony

    Check IMEI Service Sample report for Motorola:

    Check IMEI Service sample report for Motorola